Membership Program

Personal Wellness

Choose Your Path to Personal Wellness

At Namaste Yoga, we offer a variety of membership options tailored to fit your lifestyle and wellness goals. Whether you're a yoga novice or a seasoned practitioner, our flexible membership tiers are designed to provide you with the best value and access to our unique yoga experiences. Explore our tiers to find the perfect fit for your journey.


Essential Membership

Namaste Novice

Ideal for those new to yoga or members who plan to attend occasionally. This tier allows you to familiarize yourself with our offerings at a pace that suits you.




Enhanced Membership

Asana Advocate

Designed for yoga enthusiasts who seek deeper engagement with our community and more frequent classes. This membership offers greater access and additional benefits to enhance your yoga journey.


Exclusive Membership

Prana Pro

Our most comprehensive membership, perfect for the dedicated yogi who wants the full Namaste Yoga experience. This tier provides all-encompassing access to classes and exclusive events, along with premium amenities.


Namaste Yoga Founder’s Circle – A Limited Offer

Become a part of something truly special with our Namaste Yoga Founder’s Circle Membership. This exclusive tier is available only to those who join before our studio's grand opening in early 2025. As a Founding Member, you will not only enjoy all the benefits of our Exclusive Membership but also gain additional perks that will not be available in any other tier! This is a one-time opportunity to be recognized as a cornerstone member of the Namaste Yoga community.

Benefits of Being a Founder’s Circle Member


Our progress

Nama-stay Informed

As our studio completion progresses, we will update our members with specific details about each membership tier, including comprehensive benefits and pricing information. Be sure to check back here soon for the ability to sign up for updates to receive the latest news, behind-the-scenes details and exclusive offers.


In the meantime...


Join Us on Our Journey

Embark on your personal and communal yoga journey with us at Namaste Yoga. Choose the membership that best fits your lifestyle and be a part of our unique, vibrant community, right from the start. No matter your comfort level, no matter your membership tier, we can’t wait to welcome you to our Namaste Yoga community.