Frequently Asked Questions

Namaste Yoga provides a space for yoga enthusiasts of all levels to immerse themselves in truly meaningful, personal, and community-building experiences by striking a harmonious balance between the ancient traditions of yoga and the innovative evolution of the practice.  See the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below:

Yoga is an ancient practice of creating harmony between the mind and body.  It is an art and science of healthy living that can be traced back more than 5000 years.  Yoga improves balance, flexibility and strength and is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.  There are many styles and within each style poses can be adjusted with variations for beginner to advanced students.  Therefore, a wide variety of participants can be in the same class at the same time, getting a customizable experience.  For this reason, anyone can practice yoga.  Young and old, flexible, or inflexible, large or small, male or female; everyone can benefit from a consistent yoga practice.  Yoga is inclusive, non-judgmental, accepting, and adaptable.

The word Yoga means “union”.  We think of the union between our mind and body when we think of yoga.  There are 8 limbs of yoga:  Yama (moral discipline), Niyama (positive duties), Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Pratyahara (sense withdrawal), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation), Samadhi (enlightenment). Most people think of Asana (or postures) when they think of yoga.  A typical group class is about moving your body in sync with your breath which builds strength, flexibility and stamina while quieting the mind and easing mental stress.

Yoga improves strength, balance, and flexibility.  It helps you get better sleep, build bone density, manage stress, lose weight, and become part of a community.  Yoga can ease symptoms of PMS, arthritis, and back pain.  It benefits heart health, tones muscle and gives you more energy and improves mental health.  Practicing yoga regularly will change your life and once you’ve experienced the benefits of a consistent practice you will never want to live without it again!

Hot yoga is practiced in a room that is very warm (95-105 degrees), with 40%-50% humidity.  This environment maximizes detoxification through sweating, increases flexibility allowing deeper stretches and increases calorie burn and weight loss.  It is not uncommon for body temperature to remain elevated long after your yoga session, and as a result you continue to burn calories long after the workout is done. Hot yoga is a cardio workout that combines the ancient practice of yoga with our modern-day lifestyles. 

Our approach to hot yoga is rooted in tradition with a modern twist.  Infrared heat is different from it’s dangerous cousin UV.  Infrared is 100% safe and natural.  Our bodies emit and accept infrared naturally and it is so safe that it is used in incubators.  The feeling of warmth that feels like a hug from the sun (without the damaging ultraviolet rays) is infrared.  It targets and warms objects directly.  This rapid and direct heat warms walls and bodies, but not the air, creating a safe, effective, and natural heat source. There are many proven health benefits to infrared heat exposure, including cardiovascular, metabolic, skin health, brain health and pain relief, just to name a few.

Our state-of-the-art cinematic video screen is larger than life and fills the back wall of the studio.  Scenic videos of beaches, rainforests, cities, waterfalls, and meadows give each class a unique immersive cinematic feel.  It’s one of the ways that we exercise our core value of balance by embracing ancient yoga practices with modern technology.

Experience your next yoga obsession at Namaste Yoga, where our infrared heaters, immersive video screens and luxe community spaces bridge the gap between tradition and innovation.  We have created an environment at Namaste Yoga that engages all five senses.  Our virtual scenery cinematic screen, 100% pure and natural essential oils, antimicrobial sensory floor, fruit infused water station, and state of the art sound system will carry you away.

An Asana is a physical posture or pose and refers to the physical aspect of yoga.  The word “asana” is used synonymously with yoga, but yoga is about a lot more than just the asanas.  Yoga also trains our breath, has a meditative component and helps us to relax and restore.

Pronounced:  naa·muh·stay

Namaste is a Sanskrit word that is used as a greeting in a similar way that Hawaiians use Aloha.  It is a word filled with beautiful meaning that is used as an expression of respect, peace and well wishes.  It is interpreted to mean “The light and darkness in me, sees and honors the light and darkness in you”.

No, of course not!  Yoga is a non-judgmental personal practice where each of us turns our focus inward.  We have an unspoken agreement when we enter the studio not to judge fellow students so that we can be free from judgement ourselves.  Some days we feel energized and practice every asana with enthusiasm, and some days we feel like we need rest and take lots of breaks to rest and revive.  Either way we come to our mats and do what feels right for our body today.  You are welcome in our classes just as you are, where you are, and who you are.  We will learn and grow together.

If you want to learn a few postures at home before you come so that you feel more confident in a group, here is a link to a video we’ve created to help you get started.

This is one of the most common misconceptions about yoga – that there is a certain list of traits you need to have to practice.  It couldn’t be further from the truth.  Yoga is for everyone.  There are lots of different types of yoga classes that you can try until you find the perfect fit for you.  You may find that if you practice regularly, you will become more fit, strong and flexible, but none of those things are required to get started.

If you are looking for a great hot workout that burns calories, detoxifies, and leaves you feeling accomplished and strong, try our hottest class, “Seasonal Fire”.  This class is a fixed set of postures that changes after 3 months.  The set sequence gives you an opportunity to commit the sequence to memory, which helps to clear your mind and sync your movements with your breath.  Changing it every 3 months keeps us from losing interest.

If you are looking for a class that is always different, you may love the fluid movement of our Vinyasa style “Flow” class.  Still heated, still sweaty and a great workout, but less intense than our “Season Fire” class.

If it’s a deep stretch that your body is craving, join us for “Supported Warm Yin”.  This class is just warm enough to soften your muscles so that you can achieve a deep tissue stretch.  Poses are supported and held for long periods so you can really gain flexibility.

Also, keep on eye on our calendar for other special events and workshops that explore the other limbs of yoga and expand our practice.

Comfortable, loose-fitting, quick-drying, athletic clothes that do not restrict your movement.  Anything from yoga pants to swimsuits can be seen in the studio.  Do whatever makes you comfortable, this is your practice.  You will remove your shoes before entering the studio, so anything goes on your feet.

You want to arrive fully hydrated so make sure you drink plenty of water in the hours before class.  It is also important that you supplement with electrolytes after class to replace the minerals that you will sweat out during class.  You defiantly do not want to come to class with a full stomach, so refrain from eating a meal before class.  Some people say a light snack 2 hours before class is just right.

You will need a yoga mat, a towel to go over your yoga mat, and a water bottle.  We have mats and towels you can rent in the studio and sell all these items in our retail area if you want to get your own. 

We encourage you to connect with your mind, your body and your community at Namaste Yoga.  Please enjoy our communal spaces like the patio, seating area, and retail space for connecting with others.  When you enter the studio, please refrain from talking so that you can connect with yourself.  This is a meditative space where we are shifting our focus inward, and a lack of distractions is encouraged.

The cinematic screen is amazing, and we totally understand if you want to get some Instagram worthy selfies, but please ask your teacher to help you with this after class.  The time before and during class is intended to be meditative so we ask that you leave your phones, cameras, and wearable electronics outside the room until class is over.

We have two showers available on a first-come-first-served basis.

We have complimentary shower towels and small face towels available for you in the studio.  You will need to bring or rent a towel for your yoga mat.

Yes, we have both lockers and cubbies available for you to use while you are here.  No need to bring a lock, the locks are programable.

Hospitality: We’re more than a yoga studio. We bring an attention to detail and member-first ethos to everything we do, ensuring each member experience is welcoming and special.

Community: While we value the intimate, personal and reflective nature of yoga, we also find joy and purpose in building a community of like-minded people, creating space for connection.

Balance: We thrive in the in-between. Life is often about finding space between binaries – old, young; male, female; the past, the present. In this spirit, we hold fast to the deeply rooted traditions of yoga, while embracing evolving techniques, technologies and innovations.

Immersion: From a simple greeting at the door to the final pose of a class, we seek fully immersive experiences at every interaction – to transport us, center us and refresh us.

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