What is Immersive Infrared Yoga?

What is Immersive Infrared Yoga?

At Namaste Yoga in North Scottsdale, we have designed a yoga experience unlike any other. By blending ancient tradition with modern innovation, we will elevate your yoga experience to a new level. Our uniquely designed sequences, rhythmic beats, visual installation, aromatherapy, and infrared heat will fully engage your senses and immerse you in the experience, allowing you to truly focus on yourself and your practice.

All five of your senses will be engaged in your yoga experience, bringing mental and physical equilibrium to your mindful movement practice.


Our bigger-than-life video wall displaying virtual scenery will transport you to another place and time. Beaches, rainforests, the countryside, and rice fields are some examples of places you will visit without leaving the studio at Namaste Yoga. Focusing on imagery that evokes feelings of relaxation helps you to focus inward on your moving meditation.


Infrared heat rays feel like rays of sunshine, but without any of the harmful UV. Detoxification, improved flexibility, a boosted immune system, and improved circulation are just some of the benefits (you can read more about the benefits of our infrared heat here).


100% pure essential oils are diffused in the studio at Namaste Yoga. Aromatherapy is often paired with our virtual scenery bringing you deeper into the experience. Our classes are themed to the elements and evolve seasonally following the rhythms of nature. Essential oils are associated with enhanced sleep, elevated mood, and are known for their antimicrobial properties.


Our multi-sensory yoga experience includes the use of music, rhythmic beats, sounds of nature and solfeggio frequencies to sink you deeper into your practice. There is a strong link between sound and emotions and helping you to feel amazing is what we do best at Namaste Yoga.


Clean, clear, filtered water is always available at our complimentary water bottle refill station. But we take it a step further with our complimentary fruit-infusions and herbal tea available before and after class. On special occasions and for special events we also incorporate a variety of tasty concoctions including elixirs, juices, and NA wine. Plus, there are healthy snacks and drinks available for purchase in our retail area.

Community and Amenities

At Namaste Yoga you are always welcome. Enjoy our complimentary WIFI and hang out on our patio before and after class at your leisure. There are books to borrow, a community of friends to meet, and showers stocked with all the essentials to make you feel at home while you are here.